Stress Screening Chambers

Stress Screening Chambers
Stress Screening Chamber should be capable of representing the following necessary attributes:-

1. Temperature range of chamber air -100°C to +200°C.
2. Air velocity throughout working volume 5 to 8m/sec.
3. Convective heat transfer capable of moving 1lb. Aluminum specimen 0°C to 60°C and 60°C to 0°C at 15°C/min.
4. Working volume capable of handling medium to high volume manufacture.
5. Mechanical design of working volume capable of accommodating thermal screening fixtures. 
6. Controller capable of monitoring and using product temperature to command temperature reversals.
7. Chamber able to be readily integrated into a safe handling area to provide full protection for static sensitive product.

The cost of Stress Screening per unit in manufacture decreases as numbers of units per screen increases. One of the prime objectives of screening is to eliminate product defects arising from manufacturing process variations, the target must be to eliminate the need for screening altogether.

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