Vibration Testing System


Vibration testing is performed for a variety of reasons:

1>    To determine if a product can withstand the rigors of its intended use environment.

2>     To ensure the final design will be suitable for shipment.

3>     In order to weed out product defects.

Vibration Equipment is commonly used to improve the products’ quality, reliability and stability in R&D, manufacturing and transport fields. Many products have to be compulsory for all kinds of vibration tests including electronics, military and aviation products.

 Vibration Test Equipment is applied to satisfy a wide variety of vibration test requirements. By simulating different environments which may arise during product manufacturing, transport and use, it can verify the products’ reliability and stability, etc. Generally, it mainly includes shaker, amplifier and Vibration controller. Industries like electrical, machinery, Power, medical, automotive and aerospace all are using Vibration Testing Equipment. Automotive vibration testing equipment is used by automotive manufacturers to test gears and gear boxes after assembly.

Action Steps:

1. Use Industry resources to find the Vibration Testing Equipment.

2. Lease or Rent Vibration Test Equipment.

3. Integration Shock and Vibration Testing needs.

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